TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt

  • Brand: TRB
  • Style: crop top & Skirt
  • Crop top Neck Type: round-neck
  • Sleeve Type: Half Sleeves
  • Color: Lemon
  • Pattern: lemon block print
  • Top Fabric: Cotton
  • Bottom Fabric: Cotton
  • Fitting: Regular fit
  • Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Wash Instructions: Hand and machine wash
  • Package Contents: 1 set of Lemon Crop top & skirt
  • Country of Origin: India

900.00 810.00

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TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt

Now you don’t require matching your skirt with the crop-top or the crop top with a skirt. TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt is a complete set that will match up your style perfectly. Clubbing a new skirt with the crop top is a new trend in just these days. That’s why TRB brings you the complete set of crop top and skirt to ease your task. The crop top has a lemon-colored printed design with a round neck and half-sleeves. Simultaneously, the skirt is also embossed with the lemon pattern with fully elasticated waistband. The fabric used in both the skirt and crop top is cotton to make you feel comfortable at every occasion. The revive boutique keeps the size in mind, and that’s why we bring you the lemon crop top & skirt available in all sizes. This is a complete set for your casual occasion. Buy TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt online in India at its best price now. The revive boutique is the one-stop solution for every woman who craves for skirt & crop top. TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt cost given here is optimal and well suited to low-budget people. TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt is manufactured in India, and you will love to get this set at such an exciting price range.

Key Features of TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt:

  • Pure cotton Fabric makes you feel relaxed
  • Lemon-colored block printed skirt and crop top
  • The crop top has a round neck, half sleeves, and an elegant design pattern
  • The skirt has a fully elasticated waistband to ensure a perfect fit
  • Available in all sizes
  • The TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt price at The Revive Boutique is pocket-friendly.
  • TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt can be washed with both the hands and machine

TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt is the best Suited summer set for your casual occasion. Order TRB Lemon Crop Top & Skirt now at get it delivered to your doorstep. So, place the order now!


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