TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt

  • Brand: TRB
  • Style: crop top & Skirt
  • Crop top Neck Type: Collar
  • Sleeve Type: Full Sleeves
  • Crop top Color: white
  • Skirt Color: Beige
  • Crop Top Pattern: Collar Neck Full sleeve
  • Skirt Pattern: Beige Leaf pattern
  • Top Fabric: Cotton
  • Bottom Fabric: Cotton
  • Fitting: Regular fit
  • Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Wash Instructions: Hand and machine wash
  • Package Contents: 1 set of Crop top & skirt
  • Country of Origin: India

900.00 810.00

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TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt:

The Revive Boutique brings you the stylish collar neck white crop top & Beige Skirt set inspired by street style, catwalk, and celebrities. TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt is the perfect set for your casual and party occasion. Give your wardrobe a chic restyling with the TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt that looks elegant, stylish, and attractive. The cotton fabric used in this set gives you great comfort at every season. The skirt has a leaf pattern with a fully elasticated waistband that looks charming and a centerpiece on every occasion. The crop top is newly designed with a collar neck and full sleeves to offer a new unique look. The design, pattern, and fabric of the TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt will leave you admired all the time once you wear this set. Give a new look to yourself by wearing a unique yet stylish crop top matched with a leaf-pattern skirt. Buy TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt online in India from The Revive Boutique at its best price and showcase your beauty at every occasion by wearing this complete set. TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt price is reasonable and easily fits everyone’s pocket.

Key Features of TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt:

  • Collar Neck Full Sleeve Crop top with leaf-pattern beige skirt
  • The White crop top has full sleeves with a collar neck that looks graceful
  • The Skirt has a full elasticated waistband with leaf-pattern to ensure perfect matching with the crop top.
  • Crop and Skirt are washable with both the machine and hands
  • The fabric used is cotton that keeps women comfortable
  • This pair of crop top & skirt offers a great look at every occasion
  • TRB White & Beige Crop Top & Skirt cost is inexpensive

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